Friday, July 27, 2012


Think about the students in your classroom. Have you ever noticed what they do while you are giving the lesson? Do they listen attentively? Do they stare off into space? Or do you watch them attempt to copy your every word? What do you as a teacher, expect your students to do?

Most teachers expect students to pay attention to the lesson and take notes but what a lot of teachers forget is that note taking does not come easy for children, especially English Language Learners (ELLs).The concept of recording information in a way that helps them recall that same information later may be difficult for students when they have never been taught how to take notes, do not understand the language of the classroom, do not know what you expect of them, or are unsure of what important things in the lesson they should be taking note of.

This Webquest contains a few different resources on note taking strategies that you can teach to ELL students, as well as native speakers of English, across most grades levels that will help them record and organize their notes.

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